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Christopher Willits album overview

Our good friend Christopher Willits album came out today, make sure to stream it and if you’re feeling it use the link below to swipe up a CD or 12″.


“For years, I’ve imagined the work I do in music, photography, video/film, immersive audio and meditation all coming into one space,” says music-art guru Christopher Willits from his home in San Francisco. It’s an ambition that seems especially befitting of a worldly polymath like Willits. “Sound and light can transform and inspire our imaginations,” he continues. “It can be used as a tool to awaken our consciousness.” And that is exactly what he has set out to do with OPENING, the veteran Ghostly artist’s new immersive audio-visual project.

Across seven tracks of widescreen ambient music, 45 minutes of visuals shot over four years in multiple countries, seven photographs, and a multi-sensory, multiple channel live performance, Willits has created something which might better be thought of as an experience than a simple album. OPENING features Willits’ latest music since Ancient Future, his 2012 collaboration with Japanese pianist Ryuichi Sakamoto, and his recent production and mastering work on Tycho’s Awake. The vibrant, enveloping sounds we’ve come to expect from him are on full display. The quiet majesty of “Vision” ushers us into the sacred world Willits creates, a living universe that billows and heaves alongside slow-grooving songs like “Clear” and “Connect,” or with the textural minutiae and harmonic subtleties in “Ground” and “Now”. Closing out the album, “Wide” and “Release” offer the listener a gentle comedown through 15 minutes of transcendent audio, with Willits’ delicate guitar manipulations breathing life into the aether of finely textured atmospheres and soft-glowing synths.

The other integral facet to the experience of OPENING is Willits’ visual work. After building a library of images from his travels around California, Hawaii, Japan, and Thailand, Willits is unveiling an abstract narrative film, with seven scenes that correspond with the seven songs from the album along with seven limited edition photo prints. The 45-minute film interfuses music and a first-person perspective of meditative scenes—inspiring nature sections reminiscent of the films Baraka, Koyaanisqatsi and Planet Earth—to create the space of OPENING.

Willits says, “There are no actors or dialogue in this film. The audience and their perception is the main character, and everyone’s imagination is going to create some meaning that’s relevant to their own experience. My intention is to create a space where people can open up and expand into, relax and recharge.” OPENING is unlike anything Willits has accomplished before, perhaps because the audio-visual project is about expanding one’s mind to invite something new. Or, as Willits puts it, “For me, OPENING is about transformation, the experience of changing oneself to be more of who you know you can be, and, ultimately, the joy that comes with that change.”

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Bronx-born Mary J Blige has ventured across the pond to work on her new UK inspired album, ‘The London Sessions’.

Blige has worked with a number of UK names on the album including Surrey-born brothers, Disclosure.

“Working with these guys, it’s like they’re my family. We all seem to have a good chemistry together” Blige told The Guardian.

Mary J first dipped her toe in the Disclosure pond last year when she sung over their track ‘F For You’.

‘The London Sessions’ is set to drop in November on Capitol Records.

Flume: “I prefer to play to people who actually give a shit about the music”

Although Flume’s music falls under the EDM genre, the producer himself has said that he tries to keep a distance between his music and the world of EDM. When Aussie producer Flume, a.k.a. Harley Streten spoke backstage at Reading Festival 2014 to Digital Spy, he openly admitted his preference for playing to rock crowds over EDM crowds. He explained, “I’ve gotta say festivals like [Reading] are playing to people who I want to be playing to, who I feel are better crowds.” He continued, “I try to keep out of the EDM world, I try to keep Flume far from the EDM world.” He bluntly explained his reasoning by saying that with “commercial EDM, the crowd is f**ked up kids basically. They don’t care about the music, they want to hear one or two songs and that’s it. I prefer to play to people who actually give a s**t about the music.” Although there are people in EDM crowds who care deeply about the music they are hearing and not everyone who attends EDM shows are “f**ked up kids”, Flume does make a fair point. As an artist, it is more satisfying to perform to a crowd that is musically aware and attentive, rather than a crowd of blundering, incoherent EDM fans who are just waiting to hear a song or two…but who could blame him?

Not only does Flume wish to differentiate himself and his music from the EDM world, but he admits to not being able to find a home for his sound in any type of music festival, rock or EDM. He likened his sound to that of British duo, Disclosure, saying that “they can do rock festivals and they can do dirty EDM festivals because there’s no real festival that has that”, referring to the fact that there is no festival that exactly fits either of their sounds. Flume further added, “I feel like we’re doing our own thing and people who like rock music like Flume, people who like dirty EDM also like Flume so it’s a hybrid vibe and that’s the best place to be because you can pick and choose where you wanna play.” Although Flume’s sound doesn’t necessarily fit within the confines of one type of festival, his malleable and genre-less sound allows him the flexibility to play numerous types of festivals and still appeal to an array of music lovers.

Drumcomplex & Krenzlin – Third Eye [Complexed]

Label boss Drumcomplex returns on Complexed and teams up with Krenzlin for their new single ”Third Eye”, including also 3 mind blowing remixes by Ritzi Lee, Owslah & Goetz and Sebastian Bayne. No need for more words. It’s all about TECHNO !

Falco Benz – May Days

Falco Benz – May Days EP

01. In This Thing (feat. Charlene)
02. Double A
03. South-West
04. Sandy Beaches

Buy in Itunes:

All tracks written, performed, produced and mixed by Falco Benz except ‘In This Thing’: written and performed by Falco Benz & Charlene Meulenberg, mixed by Martijn Groeneveld @ Mailmen. Vocals on ‘Sandy Beaches’ by Bart van Dalen.
Mastered by Jeffrey de Gans @ Da Goose Music.
Artwork by The Things We Are.

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